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Martina Giuntoli

Docente Madrelingua Inglese presso European School, dal 2013.

As soon as I was born I was given the chance to speak two languages, both Italian and English. So my approach to English dates back to the Seventies. When I was a little girl first and a girl then I used to go to the United States with my mom every year to visit her family there, aunts, uncles and cousins together with friends. Even if I was just 7-8 years old my world was already larger than the world most children have at that age. It was at this time when I started teaching English to Italians.

Istruzione e formazione

    After graduation I moved to the USA where I worked as a teaching assistant at the Physics lab of the UNT and I also worked as a physics researcher. Then I moved back to Italy and I went back to university to study English as to have a further degree. In the meantime I continued teaching to students of any level and age.  


      I won't be talking about my certificates here. I'd rather talk about my classes. Teaching English to foreigners is a mission to me and every time I reach even a small goal with my students it is a great success that we both achieve. This is what I think is important. Commitment, passion, hard work. These are the key words towards success.